Million Dollar Estate Sales

Million Dollar Estate Sales Online Auction!

Million Dollar Estate Sales online auction!


Hello bargain shoppers!

Who wouldn’t like to set your own prices for things like Listed Art, New electronics, Tools, and more? Well we have just partnered up with R.L. Spear, and bring you something new. 


We have an online auction that ends on October 2nd, and everything starts at $1.00. You set your price! Obviously, there will be others bidding on these items, but that brings the excitement to this endeavor.


We have taken a few consignments on, and decided to auction these items off to the highest bidder. Some of the items you will be able to bid on are as follows:


§ Original Art from listed artists

§ New and used electronics

§ Wide variety of tools and accessories

§ Sports Memorabilia

§ Home Décor

§ And more


Go check it out and see for yourself. All of the details are listed at




The Staff of Mdesla